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Children’s birthday party planning advice;

To make things a little easier here’s a few tips to help ease the pressure…

  • If you are choosing a children’s birthday party ‘theme’ then make sure it’s suitable for boys and girls.
  • Plan ahead – leaving sending out the birthday party invitations to the last minute often means people will already be booked up.
  • Get help – ask some relatives to help, friends etc to give you a hand before, during and after the birthday party.
  • Have plenty to do – Children’s get bored quickly so you need to keep them busy, so why not vary the options you organise for their birthday party, keep their interaction varied.
  • Write the names of the children on sticky address labels and stick them on them when they arrive. They may not stay on too long, but you’ll have a better idea of who’s who.
  • Take down the contact details for the parents. Many parents stay at the birthday party, but some readily welcome the chance to escape!
  • And finally make sure you have some takeaway menus and maybe a bottle of wine handy for the evening as you’ll probably be happy just to collapse and recover after it’s all over!
  • Don’t worry, if you want to outsource the stress – we can help!

Face paint! Ponies! Fairy dust! Pirate Ships! Tigers! These are just a few things that your child may want for their birthday party and at Sisievents we are experts in keeping both generations happy. We aim to make the impossible happen most of the time, but also strive to find creative solutions to make any party unforgettable.

We have a wide range of choice for your children’s party. From large events, to small family occasions, from 100 guests, to a bouncy castle for your son or daughter. We can help, simply contact us for more information.